Digging thru my old stuff and found these old never finished collab pics with Jemboy

I tried thick and thin lines with Jemboy’s style~
Kinda my fault they never got finished ^.^”>

[W.I.P.] Rouge The Bat

Haven’t had enough “me” time so i decided to start draw/workin of a new pic i felt like drawin~

Ridin the wave of motivation~
Feels gud to draw for myself once in a while~

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15m Request Mega Post

Special thx to everyone that participated~!
(b =u=)b


Request: Rottytops
(Jem, FreeWillyBilly, Meep, Sushi, Gali)


Request: Lucoa
(FreeWillyBilly, Meep, Shira, Sushi)


Request: Moge-ko
(Sushi, Meep, Jem)


Request: Haruko (FLCL)


Request: Christ-chan
(Jem, Meep)


Request: Octoling (Agent 8)
(Meep, Shira)